Exclusive Bollywood Media NFTs

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The Bollywood NFT Marketplace

Over 1 billion people in the world are already Bollywood media consumers and a large portion holds sentimental value in iconic moments and media produced by the industry over the century.

Digital collectibles from the Bollywood Industry will be auctioned through our platform, providing an innovative way for Bollywood enthusiasts from around the world to own NFTs of their favourite Bollywood films and celebrities.
NFT Sale Rewards
Every time an NFT is sold, a percentage of the sale gets credited to those who lock in their BollyCoin.
Our Governance
BollyCoin holders with 100,000+ tokens can initiate proposals and make decisions on weighted by percentage of holding.

Our Vision

A digital token gets its value when a group of people collectively assign it one. India already has the largest number of crypto holders and the speed of adoption is only increasing, with most holders yet to arrive. At the same time, the number of Bollywood content consumers are roughly over 10 times the number of crypto holders.

The vision behind BollyCoin is simple- We're building the bridge between Bollywood and the blockchain. Starting with NFTs and then extending to community-created content, gamification and finally the BollyVerse.

Progressively, we'd like for the BollyCoin community itself to drive innovation, vote on what's created next and autonomously execute through our DAO.

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