The BOLLY Token:

What is the contract address of the token?
ETH: 0x6bd361e10c1afed0d95259e7c0115f3a60e4ea99
Polygon: 0x7dc47cfb674beb5827283f6140f635680a5ce992
What is the Total Supply of BollyCoin?
The total supply of BollyCoin is 100m
What will be the circulating supply?
The circulating supply is 40%
Which DEXs are Bollycoin listed on?
Uniswap for BollyCoin that's on the ethereum mainnet and Quickswap for BollyCoin that's on the Polygon network.
What are the benefits of holding BollyCoin?
BollyCoin holders will benefit from the overall growth of the community. They can lock in their BOLLY to earn monthly rewards.
What do tokenomics look like?
Here’s how our team tokenomics work:
Team will have 30% supply at the time of IDO. 
Of this, 15% is vested or unlocked only after 2 yrs.
From the 15% available, it’ll still be locked by default. Only with every 100 NFTs sold will every 1.5% be unlocked from here.
Why does the BollyCoin token contract contain a minting function?
We have the mint option for multichain feature - if we cannot have a bridge we’ll have some supply on other chains like BSC, Solana etc. but the total supply will always remain at 100m
What incentivises people against dumping?
The value of Bollycoin is in holding it. The reward system assures that holders are rewarded for locking in their BollyCoin. This in turn shall limit circulating supply and result in positive tokenomics for the long term.
Why ETH chain?
The ETH chain is one of the most secure out there. 
Why focus on iconic content for NFTs
Bolly is focused on iconic content to turn into NFTs from actual films where sentimental value is already attached by a large group of people. We believe that the value of NFTs is in capturing iconic content that's rare and well celebrated.

Why did you launch a token?
The importance and value of an NFT solely depends on its community. We felt that having our own coin would help promote the community, give rewards for backing our project in the long term and help with community-led governance.

NFT Marketplace:

How to buy a BollyCoin NFT?
1. Load up some WETH in your wallet through https://app.uniswap.org/.
2. Connect your wallet to the marketplace.
3. Click on place bid.
4. A Metamask pop up will open, you'll have to approve the WETH spend by pressing the confirm button. After the transaction is complete, your bid will be placed. Note that this amount will only get deducted if you win the bid.
5. Placing a bid does not guarantee you'll get the NFT. Your bid will have to be the highest. You can track this by checking the top bid on the NFT page.
6. After the auction ends, the owner will accept the highest bid. If your bid wins, the NFT will be transferred to you. You can view the NFT on the My NFTs section of the Marketplace.
7. Once you've received the NFT, you can choose to resell it on the BollyCoin marketplace by clicking on the Sell button below the NFT image.
8.  You can also choose to sell the NFT on any other marketplace of your choice.

Use a desktop browser for the best experience and to avoid latency.
How to cancel my bid?
You can simply cancel your bid by clicking on your bid. Or you can choose to move your funds out of the wallet you bid. Both of these of options will effectively cancel your bid.
What chain will the NFTs be listed on?
Ethereum and Polygon
Can I resell the NFT I bought on the Bolycoin platform?
Yes, you can resell them on our platform and on other platforms like OpenSea.


Why should I lock-in Bollycoin?
To earn monthly rewards from the sales of the NFTs on the platform.
Is there a minimum lock-in period?
Yes. 1 year.
What happens after 1 year?
The rewards will be put on hold till you either remove the locked amount or re-lock it for another year.
What’s the minimum amount I can lock-in?
How do I lock-in my BOLLY?
It’s simple. 
Go to www.bollycoin.com and navigate to the lock-in page. 
Connect your Metamask Wallet.
Click on the “Lock-in” Bollycoin button. A pop up should open.
Enter the amount you want to lock(atleast 10k BOLLY) and click on “Lock” button.
A Metamask pop up should open asking you to approve Bollycoin to spend your BOLLY. Confirm this transaction. 
Once this transaction is complete, you will get another Metamask pop-up to lock your Bolly. Confirm this transaction too.
After the second transaction is successfully completed, you will have successfully locked in your BOLLY which you can now see on the Lock-In page.